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Sketch Primer 3 – Mitchell and Webb

Posted in Comedy with tags , on August 9, 2009 by fieldingmellish

Well, it’s taken me a long time to actually get around to writing this primer. I think part of the problem is that Mitchell and Webb are sort of at the height of their popularity right now. It’s easy to talk about Mr. Show and The Fast Show because it’s possible to put them in context. They have an arc that was completed, they disappeared, they survive as hazy memories. Mitchell and Webb are, to borrow a phrase from the delightful American sporting highlight program, The Center for Sports, now. They are the biggest comedy force in England, and easily have the best sketch show on the landscape. The same could have been said for a number of shows, but it’s hard to place them in context until after they’ve been gone for a few years. Mr. Show, for example, was the best sketch show in America for awhile, but if I was writing a Sketch Primer in 1995, I wouldn’t have been able to say that. I wouldn’t have been able to bemoan the tragic cancellation and what it said about our country’s view on comedy. Without time, there is no context.

That said, I will tell you right now that you should stop reading if you don’t want to hear why I think Mitchell and Webb have the best sketch show since Monty Python’s Flying Circus. If you would rather do some shopping or play Civilization than read a several hundred word handjob about a show you likely haven’t even seen yet, please do. Because I’m not going to say very much bad about them. Go ahead, I’ll wait………….. Continue reading