A New Series?

So, here’s something I want to try. One thing I do every day is read webcomics. “Oh, what a loser,” you might be thinking. And you would be right. But here’s the thing. I have always loved comics. Peanuts, Get Fuzzy, the Far Side, etc. With the daily comic sections collapsing under the weight of shrinking, aging readership and terrible legacy strips that should have been canceled in 1987, I no longer read most dailies. However, the internet has created a medium for anyone with a dream and MS-Paint to try their hand at cartooning. And of course, this also means we are infested with a plague of terrible comics. But there are also some really great comics out there. And from my discussions with people, it is my feeling that not enough people have made the jump. Whereas if you asked someone in 1991 if they read Peanuts or the Far Side or Rex Morgan, MD, they would at least know what you were talking about. Now, with few exceptions, most people have no idea these things exist. So I want to introduce some of these to you. This probably won’t be quite as in depth or academic as the Sketch Primer series, since these are comic strips.* But I figured it would be nice to share what I think is an exciting trend and something I’m really interested in.

*Except “Questionable Content.” I could write a thesis about that. And I probably will.

So now you have another promise that will not only be broken, but be broken harshly and with great malice. You’re welcome!

One Response to “A New Series?”

  1. You gotta read Pearls before Swine. It’s awesome.

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