Great Moments in Unsubtle Advertising

The new Melrose Place: “Tuesday is the New Hump Day.”

Uh, gross? I know they wanted that cute turn of phrase, but is anyone excited by the promise of” humping”? There are a lot of ugly words humans have used to mean intercourse, but “hump” may be the worst. That’s what people use to describe what dogs do to each other. Can you imagine a paperback romance novel, one with the blond guy with windblown hair and some manner of fair maiden on the cover, with the word “hump” somewhere in the description? “In the war-torn nation of Hambledreck, the Queen has one chance: to enlist roguish hero Slad Brickgranite to fight for the cause. And they will hump.” I am bemused by this ad campaign.

Which is why the new Melrose Place will run 15 years.

3 Responses to “Great Moments in Unsubtle Advertising”

  1. You obviously haven’t read the classic Fabio novel, “The Gentle Hump of Count Antolini.” It’s a touching story of a hunchback named Antolini. Who loves to hump.

  2. can i look for that book in the public library. i’m going to hawaii soon. it seems like perfect beach reading.

  3. Oh yeah mike that’s my favorite book! And I’m planning my whole month around watching the new mp. I bet its just as good as degrassi.

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