Scientific Baseball

No one has been harsher on Jason Varitek than I have. It’s really hard to accept that “managing the staff” makes up for “not hitting at all.” (Though to be fair, Jason has been average with the stick this year, even with his sparkling .230 BA.) That said, it’s tough to be a big league catcher, and this is a really interesting piece of analysis. Even though Tony Mazz works in the oft-debunked “Catcher ERA,” it’s still a really cool look at how pitchers and catchers work the strike zone in a game. I recommend it.

h/t Neyer

3 Responses to “Scientific Baseball”

  1. chappy81 Says:

    Interesting! Gotta love the numbers… They need to sign Mauer when he’s a free agent next year. check out our blog

  2. marianne Says:

    do you think laroche will help?

  3. sararose Says:

    Not unless he becomes a catcher who hits above the mendoza line consistency. Or maybe a 1st baseman that can..

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