ESPN and the Baseball Draft, take 2 of thousands

Far be it for me to tell ESPN how to do their job, since they’re the multinational media behemoth and I’m just a guy with a blog named after an obscure video game reference. But I would think that, if this is your first year covering the MLB draft, something people aren’t really that interested in to begin with, you would want to do something to grab them and get them interested, if not for this year, than for next year and the future. So why, then, is all of’s draft coverage Insider-only? All I want to do is read Keith Law’s review of how the Red Sox did, but I can’t. So what incentive do I have to watch this thing in the future? Now I’m just pissed at ESPN and uninterested in the draft. Maybe having everyone able to read one of their most astute columnists, who is clearly passionate about it, would make me want to learn more. But apparently not.

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