Feel the Excitement!

Hey, guess what’s on tonight?! The MLB Draft! On ESPN! CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT?!!!!!

No? Oh. Me neither. I guess it’s hard to be excited for a draft in which the very best of the best will be making an impact as the 16th pitcher on the staff of a team 31 games out as a September call-up. Not that I think the NFL Draft deserves 1/10 of 1% of the attention it receives. But at least those guys will play in the NFL. ESPN is trying though. Keith Law has been chained to his laptop and forced to rank and rerank players at gunpoint every day for the last month. ESPN is trying to set him up as the Mel Kiper of baseball or something. It’s too bad, because Law is incredibly smart and can write about baseball as well as anyone there, except he’s been pigeonholed. Who knows? Maybe he likes the exposure. I’d hate to see him reduced to analyzing the delivery of pitchers in High School in November though.

Anyways, I will proudly not watch one second of the draft this year. You know, because there’s baseball on.


3 Responses to “Feel the Excitement!”

  1. Hey now… the draft is a very exciting time for many. Stephen Strasbourg this year is a pretty big story. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him on the National’s roster in a year or two and he’ll be their best pitcher. Heck, he could probably make the starting rotation now (albeit with several bumps in the road). That kid is GOOD.

    Yea, a lot of the players won’t really be on anyone’s radar for a few years, but these kids play some legit baseball. And, right after the draft, they go to Short-Season A Ball which is probably the best value in all sporting events. I dare you to follow the draft and then go to a Brooklyn Cyclones game this summer.

  2. sara rose Says:

    Dan I think you’re the exception that proves the rule with this time. I just can’t muster excitement for 18 year old kids I won’t likely hear about until I’m married or something.

    Like matthew, I watched actual baseball. Beckett and bard blew my mind. I hope tonight goes a similar way.

  3. Oh come on.. “actual” baseball. I love the Red Sox, but the kids are our future! Come to NYC on September 4. The Spinners are playing the Cyclones. I promise you a great time and a new found interest in prospects.

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