Some Maintenance

In a change no one was asking for, I went back and recatagorized my posts. Now, if you want to read only comedy or sports posts, you can click that catagory and be whisked away. In the future, all posts will be categorized as such, so no more will you be forced to read all of my ramblings, but rather only those that interest you! Long live the Teabagging! Ran Pal rEVOLution!

3 Responses to “Some Maintenance”

  1. wait, where do i click to not read about sports?

  2. fieldingmellish Says:

    The categories are listed to the side. You can’t read about not sports, but you can read about the other two. I haven’t figured out how to create an “exclude” category. Maybe if the post distribution stays the same, I’ll just have two categories: sports and not sports.

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