SI Pulls Predictions Out of Ass, Film at 11

I’ve never been a big fan of Sports Illustrated’s prognosticators. In fact, since Dr. Z picked about 11 straight weeks against the Patriots in 2001, I’ve noticed more and more that the “analysis” is usually nothing more than vague notions and silly reasoning. And now, the normally good baseball team has gotten in on the action. Their predictions, you ask? Here’s the AL:

AL East: Yankees 97-65

AL Central: Twins 85-77

AL West: Angels 86-76

AL Wild Card: Red Sox 96-66

I’m not upset they have the Red Sox losing to the Yankees by a game. That’s just a toss-up between two great teams. One game over 162 is nothing more than who gets that July 14th bounce in the left field corner. Ten games, on the other hand, is more than that. Ten games is a serious advantage, especially when the team 10 games ahead plays in the hardest division in the league. See where I’m going with this?

SI has picked the Angels to not only beat the Red Sox in the divisional series, but to beat the Yankees in the ALCS before losing to the Mets in the World Series. They have to win 3/5 and then 4/7 against teams that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ITSELF THINKS ARE TEN GAMES BETTER. Doesn’t anyone think that’s a little weird?

They’re definitely right that the Red Sox and Yankees are both better than the Angels by a lot. I mean, the Angels replaced Mark Texeira with Bobby Abreu in the downgrade of the year. So it must be pitching and defense, right? That’s what wins championships, they say. Except the Angels defense is light years behind the Red Sox’. There’s not a single position I can tell that the Angels are better defensively. So it must be the pitching. Except the Red Sox #3 starter is ranked ahead of the Angels Ace in SI’s PVR rankings. Bullpen? You mean the part that Peter Gammons said most people agree the Red Sox have the best bullpen in the league? This is, to put a fine point on it, bullshit. As far as I can tell, the only reason the Angels will win is because they’ve lost every post season series against the Red Sox since 1986 and they’re due.

This sort of hackery, predicting these collosal upsets without so much as a reason given, is indicative of what’s the sporting media has become. All anyone wants to do is guess the future, but be contrarian while doing it. When the Angels lose the AL West to the A’s, no one at Sports Illustrated has to come out and say, “boy-o we made some absolutely idiotic predictions at the beginning of the season.” They just pretend it never happened, then they come out and say “I know the Patriots are 6-0 with an average win margin of 23, but I have a feeling the Bengals are due this week.” It’s a sad state of affairs, and one that is unfortunately infecting all arenas of Sports Journalism.

One Response to “SI Pulls Predictions Out of Ass, Film at 11”

  1. marianne Says:

    I bet Angels fans think the SI predictions are right on point.

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