Wow, Just Wow

Chad Finn on absolutely eviscerates WEEI, in a way sure to get him creamed by the mouthbreathers in Boston. I agree just about 100%. I hate WEEI. I had to stop listening to it completely. The only show worth listening to is on in the midafternoon. The one thing I disagree about is his insistence that sports talk radio can ever be good. The format just attacts the worst element of society: loud, obnoxious, blowhards. My friends used to call in and try to be so outrageous the hosts would realize it was a prank. Like satire in YouTube comment threads, it cannot be done.


One Response to “Wow, Just Wow”

  1. marianne Says:

    you won’t be surprised that there are daily gags on the big show about this piece on and glen ordway is at his most obnoxious, pontificating peak. thankfully, the pats made some news and they absolutely had to talk about sports.

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