Um, Confirmation Please?

So, I’m going to direct you all to the Wikipedia page for Shamwow, the miracle absorbent towel that can etc. etc. It’s about the pitchman, Vince. And it’s pretty crazy.

“In 2004, Offer, an ex-Scientologist, sued the Church of Scientology with the help of attorney Ford Greene. He alleged that the church had declared him a criminal and had urged its members to print untrue and nasty things about him.”

So, yeah it must be a hoax, right? Some goofy kids went to Wikipedia and did a number on poor Vince, right?

Except look at the citations. They all link to legitimate looking articles in actual news sources. So someone please look at the evidence and confirm for me this is all a fraud. Then tell me how they did it.

Because otherwise, Vince from Shamwow is the craziest mother I’ve ever seen.

Vince Offer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


3 Responses to “Um, Confirmation Please?”

  1. Michael Lynch Says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard that too. Apparently part of his proceeds go to defeating Scientology now.

  2. the guy who hosts the Shamwow commercials is truly inspirational

  3. That’s really funny. I must say he did make Sham Wow a household name. I think I would by anything he tried to sell me anything. I bought the Sham Wow after I watched the infomercial a few of times. He is awesome!

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