Well, It Wasn’t My First Guess, But…

So, one of the girls of Degrassi has gone topless for a lifetime movie called “Poison Ivy: The Secret Society.” Who is it? Manny, the skanky one? Darcy, the hot one who’s on the new 90210? They’re all terrible enough actors…

Click here for the answer (NSFW)

So, I’m sure the Poison Ivy franchise is destined to give us hundreds more terrible movies with young girls taking their shirts off. I bet I can guess the plot right now, without knowing anything about it… A hot (?), crazy young girl seduces someone’s dad and causes lots of problems just like every time, but this time, she’s part of a club and it’s a powerful commentary on the age of innocence being lost in today’s young girls. Powerful, moving stuff. And also, Degrassi nudity. Whoa… never thought I’d use those tags together.

One Response to “Well, It Wasn’t My First Guess, But…”

  1. sara rose Says:

    ….but shes the one who was stuck in the internet scandal… and ugly… god, i love degrassi. why couldn’t it be mia? at least she’s cute..

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