My Feelings About the Sox Signing a 72 OPS+ Catcher

They just signed who? For how much?

3 Responses to “My Feelings About the Sox Signing a 72 OPS+ Catcher”

  1. This is monster stupid. The 80 game bonus for next season is ridiculous as well because Francona will feel obligated to give it to him. George Kottaras should be given every opportunity to play 80 games this season a la Varitek in 1998. Until Kottaras proves himself, the Sox should not, and I trust Theo to realize this, stop their pursuit of a legitimate catcher-of-the-future. The only way Varitek is worth even half of his $5 million is if he is here to “mentor” someone in his “brilliant” game calling and toughness intangibles. On a side note, can someone explain to me how “establish the fastball” is a difficult thing to teach to a young catcher?

  2. yes, dan. all true. but on behalf of women everywhere, he has such great thighs.

  3. mum, those thighs do not make up for those piss poor stats. he sucks. the cartoon, however, is awesome.

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