But We Can Get Prospects for Him!

Hopefully, the squeaker Cassel and crew pulled out against the woeful Seahawks will silence some of the more idiotic talk radio callers. But I doubt it. Apparently, the hot thing for a week or two was to call in and say, “Hey, this Casman guy is all right! Maybe we should dump that Brady guy and make this guy the starter!” Um, no. Brady is the best QB in the NFL. Matt Cassel is not. Trading Brady would be the dumbest move in Boston sports history. It would make the Babe Ruth thing look like a bake sale. Even if the Pats make the playoffs, despite all the injuries and everything else, there is no tangible way Matt Cassel leading the team is better than Tom Brady leading it. I know talk radio and its members are the dumbest of dumb sports fans, but let’s please put a stop to this lunacy before it goes any further.


One Response to “But We Can Get Prospects for Him!”

  1. Just to take up the other side of the argument. If rumors of Brady’s ACL being compromised as a result of his surgery are true, would it not make sense to pursue something? Also, Cassel gives us a guy who can win 11+ games (assuming he too can improve) and is going to be playing at a high level for 6 to 10 more years. If Brady addresses other long term needs, is it possible that it’s in the long term interests of the Patriots to do the Steve Young thing? It’s also possible that Cassel is the next Derek Anderson… in Bill I trust.

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