An Existential Crisis

If one writes a stand-up routine, and then later sees one of the jokes printed on Collegehumor’s 105% by someone else, what exactly does that say about one’s life and future? What if one of the commenters said “(joke in question) ftl”? What about “ftw” instead of “ftl”?

Should one continue in comedy, knowing his brand of humor has an audience, even though that audience may not be the most sophisticated in the world. An audience who’s pinnacle of comedy excellence is “pot makes me hungry” and “chick’s tits ftw” and an assortment of Dane Cook quotes?

Or should one give up, resigned to the fate that he will never achieve the level of philosophical enlightenment each true comic sets out to achieve? To know that everything built up to deny him a place in the pantheon of relevent and interesting comedians?

These are the questions…

One Response to “An Existential Crisis”

  1. don’t retarded college kids deserve to be entertained just as much as any other group of people? plus, i probably count as part of that group hah.

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