The End of an Era

The guys at FireJoeMorgan have decided to hang it up, leaving a massive void in my personal internet habit. It truly is a sad day. I’m sure a bunch of imitators will pop up to fill the niche, but it won’t be the same. I almost feel like one of my friends told me he’s moving to Peru and won’t be around anymore. I’m actually shaken up over it.

Well, for my part, FJM helped me get over my connection to old-fashioned stats and my unease with Vorpies. Now, I guess people would consider me a Vorpy. All it took was a little humor and a little intelligence. There was no site on the internet quite like. And now, with no more FJM, I just hope the pendulum doesn’t swing back the other way. I hope there isn’t an uprising of the uninformed. I’ll try to do my part to fill the void, knowing full well I cannot replace them. I can only hope to continue their fight to meet idiocy with ridicule.

Farewell, Ken, dak, and Junior. Might a flight of Ecksteins sing thee to thy rest.

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